Technology Highlights

A multi-context deep learning framework is established by applying deep learning CNN
models trained to integrate relevant inputs, including rPPG signals, motion and robust
luminance, to produce corresponding vital sign measurements.

Face Detection

Uses AI technology to detect human faces, even when wearing glasses.

Motion & Robust Luminance

Utilizing deep learning to adjust for motion and luminance variations.

rPPG Signal Extraction

Extracting waves by processing the subtle color fluctuations of the facial skin.

rPPG Technology

Remote Photoplethysmography (rPPG) uses reflected ambient light to measure subtle
changes under the skin of human face. It uses the color image of human face captured
by the camera to conduct independent component analysis (ICA) on RGB (Red, Green, Blue)
three-channel signals and restore the observed signal to a clean original signal.

Consistently expanding our database,
training better AI models.

FaceHeart recognizes the importance of accuracy. We use extensive data collected from clinical trials to calibrate our algorithms and achieve medical-grade accuracy.

Technical Specifications

  • Camera

    Front Camera

  • FPS (Frame Per Second)


  • Measurable State

    Immobility / Fine movement

  • Distance

    0~500cm or customized

  • Number of People

    Single / Multiple people

  • Computation

    Edge computing (without WiFi)

Internationally Recognized Patents

Developing the AI-powered technology for monitoring physiological data in Taiwan, FaceHeart
seeks to expand globally, with various patents already been granted in the U.S., Europe and Asia.

In addition, FaceHeart aspires to be among the first set of Taiwanese companies
that receive FDA approval for software as a medical device (SaMD).

80 patents

Facial recognition
and analysis

  • Identity recognition
  • Facial reconstruction
  • Expression recognition

Image-based vital sign

  • Contactless heart rate measuring system
  • Image-based blood pressure monitoring technology

Smart home systems and
other applications

  • Extracting vital signs in a home setting
  • Infant monitoring

FH Vitals™ technology adds value to our customers' products.