FH Vitals™ contactless measuring method not only provides accurate physiological information, but also allows end users to alleviate the discomfort from the traditional vital sign measurements. In addition to its easy-to-use, FH Vitals™ contactless measuring method also helps healthcare providers to significantly reduce their operational costs, as well as plays a key role in facilitating the telemedicine services during the post-pandemic period and beyond.

Companion Robots

Companion robots have a growing popularity in the era of aging population and lower fertility. FH Vitals™ enabled companion robots can take vital sign measurements of their care recipients in a timely fashion and issue real-time alerts for abnormal conditions, hence maximizing the effectiveness of their daily caring duties.

Smart Home

Imagine having your heart rate checked every morning by simply looking at the mirror while brushing your teeth? Using FH Vitals™ remote measuring technology with just one camera, getting your daily vital signs data in less than one minute is not a dream anymore!

Mobile Health

Due to a busy lifestyle and increasing workload in the current modern society, applications related to fitness, wellness, meditation, and mental health have become the new favorite among the general public. According to users' needs, FH Vitals™ can be easily integrated with these kinds of applications to collect real-time physiological information via personalized user experience, hence greatly enhancing the overall functionalities and effectiveness of the applications.

Employee Wellness

Employee Health has become a focal point in recent years, but it won’t be an easy task for many enterprises that have a significant number of employees to achieve. Using FH Vitals™ remote measuring technology, enterprises can build their desired systems by customizing various software and hardware accordingly. This will become an Employee Wellness Monitoring & Management System designed specifically for the enterprises.

Sports Technology

Leveraging its contactless measuring method, FH Vitals™-enabled devices remove the discomfort of the wearable devices for the end-users, allowing them to stay on top of their heart rate variabilities during the exercises, while observing their releavant vital signs data simultaneously. Potential applications include smart fitness mirrors, smart TV, fitness Apps, etc.


Because of the increasing aging population, telemedicine has become an alternative to physician office visits in recent years. In addition, current Covid-19 pandemic situation worldwide also contributes to this trend. Using FH Vitals™ remote measuring technology, physicians can obtain patients' physiological information in real-time and use these data to help their treatment diagnostic, hence increasing the effectiveness of the telemedicine session. It is inevitable that Telemedicine will become an integral part of future medical consultations. FH Vitals™ is currently in the process of getting FDA SaMD (Software as a Medical Device) approval, which is expected to be completed in Q2, 2022. Upon the approval, FH Vitals™ will serve as a technology keystone for the upcoming telemedicine industry.


As Insurance Technology (InsurTech) starts to materialize, policy holder’s health status and wellness management has become a critical consideration before insurance company issues a policy. Both policy holders and insurance companies can be benefited from using FH Vitals™ remote measuring technology, the former can monitor their vital signs data on a regular basis, while the latter can collect the relevant health information in a timely fashion and allow them to improve their claim settlement ratio accordingly.

Financial Application

FinTech is growing fast with the AI technology development that revolutionizes the banking processes, financial literacy, and digital bank services. FH Vitals™ AI-based physiological signals and emotion detection technology helps digital banks to offer customized services with better user experiences, as well as improve their overall banking services.

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