MedTech Press Conference in 2021, Starring FaceHeart, Aprevent, and Genius Holdings

October 1, 2021

The MedTech Conference, hosted by the Advanced Medical Technology (AdvaMed) Association and sponsored by the Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA), took place during 9/28-9/30, 2021. This conference gathers 20 of Taiwan’s best start-up companies in the medical technology field in hopes to foster deep and meaningful conversation and exchange of insights between Taiwan and the US.

FaceHeart Corp. is delighted to be apart of this global discussion of brilliant idea and technology. During the MedTech Press Conference, Rep. Bi Khim Hsiao of TECRO, SVP. Ralph Ives starts off the event and welcomes three of Taiwan’s cutting-edge technological startups: FaceHeart, Aprevent, and Genius Holdings.

In the conference, Jerry Chang, the president of an AI startup company, FaceHeart Corp., introduces their revolutionary product that can monitor people’s heart conditions remotely. “We are software-based,” says Dr. Chang, “we can use a single camera to remotely monitor your face to know your heart conditions.” This technology is especially important during the pandemic situation where patients might not be able to travel to hospitals due to restrictions.

In terms of the company’s progress, FaceHeart is “in the process of applying for FDA’s approval for Software as Medical Device (SaMD)”, and they are planning on to be a part of the growing telemedicine industry.

In this new age of technology and emphasis on healthcare, there is a fast-rising demand for medical technology. FaceHeart, among many of Taiwan’s tech startups, is set to make the world a better place through revolutionary technology.