Measure Heart Rate and Blood Pressure With a Single Camera! Japan and US Market Craving To Know More

July 17, 2020

In the 5G era, AI technology is becoming increasingly important. FaceHeart Inc., a smart AI technology company, is ready to step foot into the long-term care industry with its brand-new, innovative technology.

▲ Measure heart rate and take control of your health data with a single camera (source: FaceHeart Corp.)

Professor Wu, the founder of FaceHeart and professor at NTCU, claimed “a good technology should be presence-less while solving our problem.” At first, Professor Wu and his team intended to solve tired driving. They tackled the problem by driving while wearing a heart rate monitor, in order to improve AI’s facial recognition.

FaceHeart Inc. was able to overcome a series of technical difficulties such as low luminance environment and camera lens auto adjusting its aperture. After 6 to 7 years of research and development, FaceHeart Inc. was finally able to commercialize their technology. In reality, FaceHeart Inc.’s innovative idea has already gained MediaTek Inc.’s attention, and they have already invested in the company’s technology.

With the coming of the 5G era, allowing better and smoother transport of image and video, Professor Wu is confident in the results of their R&D. It will be able to connect to computers and mobile phones.

“Don’t you think it is so much more convenient when you can record your heart rate and blood pressure while you are swiping through your phone?” Professor Wu asked. He claimed that heart rate monitors in the market are mostly wearable devices. If you forgot to wear it, no measurements will be taken; if it rattles and moves away from your skin, inaccuracies might occur.

Surprisingly, due to the upcoming of COVID, this “presence-less” way of monitoring and recording technology gained a lot of recognition in the US and Japanese market. Inquiries about this technology hope to gain a way of health monitoring to control the spread of diseases.

FaceHeart Inc. has gained access to many famous technological manufacturers in Japan. In addition, with 5G allowing smoother transferring of video and image, the threshold for long-distance medical care is lowered. In the future, a single camera can collect your heart rate and blood pressure measurements, allowing hospitals to provide help without the restraints of physical distance, making medical care more convenient.

▲FaceHeart Inc. Team (source: FaceHeart Corp.)